Graphic designers come a dime a dozen. Then there’s the strategic creatives that understands how to use data to form a targeted plan. From there you can design a effective solution. Here’s an awesome article from Smashing Mag about designing for mobile efficiency.

We’ve encountered past clients who often pushed to speed past this process. This article shows whats happening behind the scenes when those large, pretty non-optimized images get stuck in digital purgatory.

Images add a lot of weight to websites and consume a lot of bandwidth. And although this data shows that the median size of images on mobile is less than their desktop counterparts, the proportion of images-to-website is slightly larger.

That said, if you have the right image optimization strategy in place, this can easily be remedied. This article has a few gems. Got questions? Lets talk it over and see how we can optimize the images for your next digital campaign.
by Suzanne Scacca